2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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CSE310 Faith,Spirituality & Ethics II

Designed for all students, this is a collaboratively taught interdisciplinary course on faith,spirituality and eithcs with an optional service learning component. Students will learn abou thte natures of faith and sprituality and their significance within the human community as well as develop the ability to be empowered moral agents. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in service learning projects or activities involving a minimum of 20 hours of service in which they will apply and engage the principles learned in the content component of the course. The course satisfies all CSE Essentials Element III Requirements when taken with the aligned service learning lab, CSE310SL. Otherwise, this course must be taken either concurrently with or be followed by CSE310SL taken either by itself or aligned with an approved Element III service learning course withing the major or an open elective in order to satisfy such requirements. Students must pass the aligned service-learning lab, CSE310SL, in order to pass this course. Prerequisite: CSE110 and at least of one of: CSE110 and at least one of: CSE210, CSE220 or CSE230 or permission from the Director of General Education 4 Credits