2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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CSE220 Ways of Knowing

Designed for all students, this is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary team taught course where students will be inviited to learn about the languages, practices, and relationships between and among the arts, humanities and sciences. Specifically, students will explore the human experience from the standpoint of the arts and humanities, learn about scientific reasoning and how it is a method of invesitgation, examine social issues and ultimately become familiar with how these different WAYS OF KNOWING connect with each other to provide a complete perspective on the world and the human community. Where mathematics is also integrated into the course, students will develop basic college level computational skills and the ability to orgaize and interpret qualitative and quantative data. Meets CSE Esentials Element II Outcome 2.2 and satisfies the college-level mathematics requirement where the course code includes M" suffix. Prerequisite: (CSE110) 4 Credits"




CSE110, CSE120, CSE195