2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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CSE110 Literacy I

Designed for all students, the course will comprise of a student cohort, and involve an integrated learning community of developmentally structured argument and persuasive writing\literacy instruction, coupled with content-area instruction on the continuing theme of how to live a healthy life, broadly construed. Two instructors will collaborate, the first, a literacy specialist, and the second, a content-area specialist, one of whom will also be a First Year Advisor to the cohort. The content will be infused with training on emerging Mission and Values, diversity, relationships, and leadership, as well as emerging information literacy, presentation skills, technology and software, and foundational informal logic/generalized critical thinking. In addition, the course will be aligned with one or two community events related to Mission and Values and/or Student Life. The start or continuation of the CSE Essentials ePortfolio will be incorporated for the students involved. Must be taken with the aligned 2 credit context lab, CSE110CL. Prerequisite: English Composition I Placement, or CSE100. Co-requisite: CSE110CL. 4 Credits.