2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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Combined Degree Program: B.A. in Religious Studies/M.A. in Theology

B.A. in Religious Studies/M.A. in Theology

Current CSE undergraduate students who may be interested in pursuing graduate studies in Theology may apply for a dual degree option that would include the following conditions:

  • Seniors may begin with the January Residency in the senior year and may take a maximum of six (6) credits.
  • Seniors must have completed their General Education religious studies or Element III requirements prior to taking the first graduate course.
  • While the two courses taken during the period of undergraduate study would be applied to the graduate program, students are not automatically accepted into the Masters program. Seniors who are allowed to take two graduate courses prior to completing their Bachelors program must still apply to complete the Masters program. These courses remain transferable from one delivery system to the other.

Combined degree students must continue in the master's program without interruption until completion or risk being dropped. Combined degree students must apply and be granted a leave of absence in order to interrupt their studies.