2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

The Mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth Pre-law Program of Study and Paralegal concentration is to afford students with an integrated and substantive theoretical and practical foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for Law School preparation, and/or paralegal service.

This program of study advances the Mission of the College by providing students with an understanding of the intrinsic value and dignity of all persons, the respect for personhood, the importance of justice and social responsibility, civic engagement and facility with ethical decision making, as well as knowledge the inalienable rights of all persons, and their specific rights under the Constitution of the United States of America.

Students will learn about the key principles and concepts relating to the nature of law, ethics, politics, government, business and the judicial system; and they will develop skills in analytical reasoning, evidence, qualitative problem-solving, and oral and written communication. Students will also learn how to put such knowledge and skills into practice. In this regard, the aim will be to empower students who complete the full course of study with not only a higher probability of doing well on the LSAT and being accepted to Law School, but of successfully completing it. This will be accomplished by engendering in students the knowledge and skills that are needed for undertaking complex analyses and resolving difficult qualitative problems.


By successfully completing the Pre-law Program of Study, and Paralegal concentration, students should:

  • Develop a competent and integrated understanding of core concepts in law, politics, the judicial system, ethics, and government.
  • Acquire skills in analytical reasoning, critical and creative thinking, argument and evidence analysis, and qualitative problem-solving.
  • Achieve basic competency in presentation skills, and persuasion.
  • Gain facility with legal research and writing, as well as expository, persuasive, and creative writing processes.