2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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Music and Dance

Program Overview

The objectives of the Music Minor and the Dance Minor at the College of Saint Elizabeth are to provide all students with opportunities to directly study and experience music and/or dance of various periods, styles, forms, and cultures which have contributed to the common artistic heritage of the human race.

Small class sizes and individual attention are provided for students who minor in Music or Dance. In addition to taking the requirements, students may work with a faculty member to design a course of study that is also appropriate to the specific talents and development of the individual music or dance student. The Music faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring to the program their talents as teachers, scholars and professional musicians. The Dance faculty members include New Jersey and New York professional dancers and teachers who are experts in various styles and types of dance.


A Minor in Music or a Minor in Dance introduces the student to various aspects that are integral parts of each discipline that form the basis for knowledge that could lead to further study or a career in that discipline. In Music, performance study of one or more instruments, music history courses and music theory classes could help a student begin to prepare for a career in the music business, teaching, performance, composition, music ministry, musicological research among other jobs in the music industry. With the dance minor, key foundational concepts of ballet and modern dance movement help students learn various styles of dance and underlie their efforts in choreography. These skills will help a student plan for further study, become a dance studio owner (with a special certificate – see below) or work in other aspects of the dance industry.

We encourage minors in Music or Dance to take additional courses in these areas at other colleges or universities and to combine their courses with majors or minors in Art, Business, Communication, Education, English, etc., to expand their knowledge and employability.