2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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Mathematics and Computer Science

Program Overview

The Mathematics Program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, a minor in Mathematics, a minor in Computer Science, and a certificate in Cyber Security.

The Mathematics program is broad and it is designed to accommodate a diversity of student needs and interests. Students are led to seek an understanding of the place of mathematics in our culture, and in particular to appreciate its relationship to the physical and social sciences. The primary goal of the mathematics curriculum is to develop the attitudes of mind and analytical skills required for efficient use and understanding of mathematics. By earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, students prepare to pursue their chosen professions with distinction, whether they enroll in graduate school immediately or begin their careers in industry or in mathematics education.

The mission of the Mathematics Program is to promote competence in mathematics and to foster the ability to apply mathematics and computer technology to related fields.

Student Outcomes

The goals of the Mathematics program at the College of Saint Elizabeth are:

  • To offer a rigorous and diverse set of courses that will enable students to acquire knowledge and competency in the major field of mathematics;
  • To prepare students for the use of mathematics and computer technology in a professional capacity, as a basis for advanced study, and for continued professional development;
  • To provide all students the opportunity to learn mathematics and computer technology, to develop analytical skills, to improve quantitative thinking, and to recognize the usefulness of mathematics and computer technology;
  • To support the liberal arts environment of the College by providing all students the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and computer technology as they apply to the student's major field of study and the world around them.

A student who completes the major requirements in the Mathematics program will have:

  • Acquired in-depth knowledge of, and a high level of competency in the major field of study;
  • Learned various problem-solving strategies including the use of technologies and their applications
  • Acquired the necessary skills to pursue a career in the major field of study or a related field
  • Demonstrated the ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas in the major field of study.


Graduates of the Mathematics Program are equipped with the mathematics skills needed to engage in a successful career. Career opportunities for mathematics majors are ample. The Program takes great pride in the fact that our students find strong placements in graduate school, in elementary and secondary education, in business, and in computer-related fields.