2018-2019 Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

The mission of the Art Program is dedicated to the development of the creativity of the individual, respect for human expression, and understanding of the importance of the world's artistic objects from various religious, political and social contexts throughout the ages. The Art Program promotes communication, social responsibility and service to others, and the understanding and expression of our shared human condition through the practice and study of art.

All CSE students are invited and encouraged to take courses in Studio Art and Art History to experience the excitement of artistic creation which supports innovative learning across the disciplines and adds to the education of a well-rounded person who can enjoy making and reflecting on art for the rest of his or her life.

New studios, equipment, an art history lecture room, and the Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery with an active professional art exhibition schedule, all in Annunciation Center, provide increased learning opportunities for all CSE students. Embedded within the Art Studios area is a MAC computer lab which has up-to-date hardware and photographic, graphic design, and multi-media related software programs which promote the incorporation of computer-generated graphics in all courses.

The Art Program offers two levels for an art major and two separate minors. The general Art Major Program (39 credits) provides the artistically minded major with the opportunity to become skilled and esthetically enriched through a variety of art experiences. By earning a B.A. degree in Art, the student is prepared for entrance into art-related professions. If paired with a major in another discipline or with a minor in Art or another discipline, the Art major will offer students visual acuity and design excellence beneficial in a variety of professions.

For the especially talented Art major interested in pursuing graduate study in Art, a more rigorous Art major curriculum (71-77 credits) will offer that student broad as well as in-depth exposure to skills and techniques and the chance to be immersed in one medium as they prepare to apply for an M.A. or M.F.A. program. This program must be approved by the Chairperson. The student will work closely with an Art Program faculty mentor and will take art courses at CSE as well as at other nearby campuses.

The general Art minor (17-19 credits) introduces basic artistic skills and allows each student to sample a variety of media and courses without the greater rigors of the full major.

The new minor in Graphic Design (24 credits) was created to help students increase their fluency in graphic design esthetics, strategies and computer software which, in turn, will enhance their viability for employment. By combining a Major in Art and a Minor in Graphic Design, students will be better prepared for a graphic design related job and for possible application to graduate school in Graphic Design or a related design field.


  • Students will develop conceptual, analytical and creative skills related to their own artistic practice and to the understanding of art around the world and across the centuries.
  • Students will acquire the technical skills, familiarity with materials and safety procedures as related to the practice of art in general and in their individual courses.
  • Students will acquire knowledge about major works of world art; learn to contextualize those objects within the societies, time periods and circumstances in which they were created; be knowledgeable about the major methodologies for interpreting art; and be able to research and communicate about the history of art.
  • Students will learn professional practices in the field of art to enable them to participate in a variety of esthetic pursuits, internships and apprenticeships, and to seek employment in art-related fields.
  • Highly qualified and motivated students will learn about the esthetic, practical and professional requirements to prepare themselves for applications to graduate schools and for a professional career as an artist.


Students completing the B.A. degree in Art are equipped with skills to succeed in a variety of art-related careers. Some of our students become professional artists while others work in art museums, art galleries or other artrelated careers. Many combine Art with Education and use their art skills in the classroom or teach art as a specialized subject.

A double major or a major and minor in the following areas are just some of the combinations students follow to pursue various career paths:

  • Art and Business
  • Art and Communication
  • Art and English
  • Art and Justice Studies
  • Art and Math
  • Art and Psychology

Now with our minor in Graphic Design, students can be even better equipped to bring their artistic and design skills to their chosen professions.

Recent graduates have pursued graduate studies in programs such as Graphic Design at Pratt University, Visual Culture at New York University, Art Therapy at Caldwell College, Painting at Kean University and Montclair State University, Studio Art at Marywood University and Art Education at Kean University.

We encourage students who wish to go on to graduate programs at the M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D. levels to speak with the Chairperson as soon as possible to construct the proper program to qualify for graduate school and to learn about the application procedures. Please contact the Chair no later than the first semester of your Junior Year.