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American Studies

Program Overview

The American Studies Program strives to educate students about the most significant historical, political, and cultural aspects of life in America, past and present. In so doing, the American Studies Program looks to instill among students an enduring interest in the ever-evolving American experience.


The Mission of the American Studies Program is to provide a multidisciplinary curriculum that fosters students' awareness and understanding of the history, culture, institutions, and diversity of the United States of America and its peoples, in the expectation that this knowledge will enhance students' comprehension of America's present and future opportunities, challenges, and identity.

The courses included in the American Studies curriculum cultivate among students the written and oral communication proficiency, analytical-thinking capacity, and research acumen that will be applicable to numerous post-collegiate jobs and other endeavors. Additionally, the American Studies curriculum emphasizes, through probing, multi-faceted examinations of the American experience, the vital necessity of all involved in that experience to engage each other in a spirit of respect, cooperation, and goodwill.


The American Studies Program's goals are:

  • To educate students about past and present American life and culture, consisting of the historical, literary, spiritual, social, and multi-cultural identities, achievements, and aspirations of the American people.
  • To extend and deepen students' abilities in written and oral communication, analytical thinking, and research projects, in preparation for their post-collegiate occupations.
  • To encourage in students a life-long intellectual curiosity that will augment their future personal and professional growth.

Student Learning Outcomes

The American Studies Program's Student Learning Outcomes are that students who complete the major will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad-based, multi-disciplinary knowledge of American life and culture, past and present.
  • Demonstrate the analytical-reasoning ability required to evaluate material emanating from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, about American life and culture.
  • Demonstrate the writing skills needed to communicate effectively about subjects pertinent to American life and culture.
  • Demonstrate the research skills needed to produce substantive papers on topics concerning American life and culture.
  • Demonstrate the oral-communications skills required to discuss and verbally interpret and appraise subject matter concerning American life and culture.
  • Apply the skills acquired from majoring in American Studies to post-collegiate endeavors, including graduate school and employment.


Students who graduate with an American Studies major possess skills that are in high demand in the contemporary workforce. Recent CSE American Studies majors now enjoy careers in education, business, social media, and other pursuits. Other American Studies graduates have entered graduate or law school.