2017-2018 Academic Catalog

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M.A. in Social Media Design and Management


Flowing from the mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth, the mission of the MA in Social Media Design and Management is to prepare students of all ages, ethnic groups and backgrounds, to utilize the power of the World Wide Web and Social Media sites to help promote ethically and morally responsible for-profit, non-profit, governmental and personal businesses and enterprises of all types for the betterment of individuals and society at large.


The goals for the MA in Social Media Design and Management are to teach our Masters students how to:

  • Understand and utilize the power of social media platforms including websites and blogs to achieve the goals of their employers or businesses
  • Create effective designs, written material and branding to attract diverse target markets
  • Use dynamic marketing and tracking strategies for effective Social Media analysis, usage and trouble-shooting
  • Employ mathematical metrics and data to help enhance, manage and market the sites and cultivate the influencers
  • Create theoretical and practical training projects to further prepare students to both practice and teach Social Media Design and Management

Degree Requirements

The program requires the successful completion of 31-34 credit hours. All students must take the following courses:

Required Courses (31 Credits)

SMDM611Computers and Programming for Social Media


SMDM613Intro to Social Media Design and Management


BUS640Social Media & Web 2.0 Management Business & Orginization


SMDM617Advertising and Graphic Design for the Web and Social Media


SMDM619Typography and Layout for the Web and Social Media


SMDM622Writing and Editing for Social Media


BUS675Social Media Management Project


MC626Ethical Issues


SMDM631Metrics Management for Social Media


SMDM633Visual Communications & Branding for Social Media and the Web


SMDM696Seminar on Current and Emerging Social Media Trends


SMDM697Culminating Requirement

Elective Courses (3 Credits)

SMDM640Social Media Innovating


Admission Criteria

The current requirements for admission into the CSE M.A./M.S. Programs will be used as the baseline.

Acceptance is based on the strength and quality of the student's undergraduate program, any relevant certificates, transcript, grade point average, letters of recommendation and projected ability to complete the degree program. An essay explaining the applicant's motivations will be required. Extracurricular activities involving voluntary service and advocacy, as well related experiences are also considered.

Transfer students are assessed individually based on comparable courses and credits completed, and comparable learning outcomes, and will be permitted to transfer in up to 12 credits, and will also be provided with Credit by Exam, and Portfolio Experiential Learning Assessment options within this transfer credit limit.