2016-2017 Academic Catalog

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Program Overview

The History Program seeks to educate students about the most important historical concepts, facts, and interpretations pertinent to a range of regions and time periods. In so doing, the History Program endeavors to inspire among its students a life-long intellectual curiosity that will foster their future personal and professional growth.

Flowing from the Mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth, the CSE History Program's Mission is to provide a curriculum that fosters students' understanding of the past, in the expectation that this knowledge will enhance their comprehension of present and future events, conditions, and trends.


  • Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of history.
  • Demonstrate the analytical-reasoning skills needed to evaluate historical material.
  • Demonstrate the research skills needed to write substantive papers on historical topics.
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak effectively about historical subjects.
  • Apply the skills acquired from the History Program to post-collegiate endeavors, such as graduate school and employment.


Students in the History program enter a variety of professions, including teaching, law, government service, and business. Some students choose to enter graduate programs in History or related fields.