2015-2016 Academic Catalog

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ED451 Resources & Services for Indiv w/ Disabi

An orientation to the essential resources and services available for persons with disabilities and their families in order to meet their personal, vocational, developmental, and health needs in schools, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation and employment settings, and other public and private agencies. Instructional models will include discussion, research and field-based projects. The integration of persons with disabilities across the lifespan into mainstreamed settings from the perspective of Disability Studies and the Disability Rights Movement is a particular focus. Field work is required as an integral part of the course. Open to seniors in the TSWD Certification program and others with permission of the program chairperson. Prerequisite: ED 105, ED 200, ED 300, PSY 251, and PSY 315. Students need to provide their own transportation for field settings.




ED105, ED200, ED300, PSY251, PSY315