2015-2016 Academic Catalog

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Cost & Financial Aid

Your potential in life isn't determined by your income level, and at the College of Saint Elizabeth, we believe that access to a quality college education shouldn't be either. "Access" is what our financial aid program is all about, and we're committed to working with students and families to help make a CSE education affordable.

More than 90 percent of full-time CSE undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance.  CSE provides not only need-based funding but also merit awards for academic achievement, leadership potential, and community service. Graduate students and part-time undergraduates are also eligible for aid.

A college education is one of the most important investments you'll ever make, but paying for it can be a big challenge for many. Contact us to find out how our financial aid program can help bring a CSE education within your financial reach.

Annual Tuition and Fees

The cost of attending college includes a number of elements. Learn what they are and how we can make your educational opportunity affordable. Read More.

Philosophy and Policies

  1. The College of Saint Elizabeth will assist all students in their efforts to meet their financial need in accordance with federal, state, and college regulations. Students' financial need is determined by subtracting the parents' and students' EFC (estimated family contribution as determined on the FAFSA) from the total estimated cost of attendance. Any funds received from other sources such as civic organizations, foundations, or other benefits must be reported to the Financial Aid Office.

    Federal regulations require that these awards be treated as educational resources for determining the applicant's eligibility. If a student receives no-need based financial assistance, then the combination of all merit and outside resources may not exceed the cost of attendance. Students demonstrating financial need are packaged first with federal grants, then with state grants, then with institutional need-based grants, then with loans. Financial aid award letters are sent on a rolling basis as soon as all the required documentation is received by the Financial Aid Office.
  2. A student may become ineligible for financial aid if he/she fails to maintain good standing or satisfactory academic progress. (See section on Eligibility.)
  3. Financial aid will be re-evaluated if and when inconsistent information is revealed on the FAFSA or the Student Aid Report.
  4. If a student is not permitted to return to the College of Saint Elizabeth, either because of grades, disciplinary reasons, or an outstanding balance on his/her account, the student's financial aid award will be withdrawn.
  5. All incoming first-year students in the Women's College are required to submit their final high school transcripts prior to the beginning of their first semester of classes. If the final high school transcript is not received in the Office of Admission, the student's financial aid award will be withdrawn.