2015-2016 Academic Catalog

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Business Administration

Program Overview

The mission of the Business Administration program is to promote a community of learning in which our students grow to become individuals who can effectively work in diverse business environments, and who are prepared to handle challenging ethical situations with understanding and respect. The program seeks to provide a learning environment that expands the students' ability to effectively address business issues using critical thinking, creative problem solving, and innovative decision-making. With a strong liberal arts foundation, our graduates are prepared for leadership roles in the complex and ever-changing business world.

The program offers a Bachelor of Science or a minor in Business Administration, a Leadership Program and minor, an Accounting Concentration, and a Combined BA or BS/MS in Management Degree. Courses are offered in hybrid, online and in-person formats.


Major or Minor in Business Administration

Graduates with a Business Administration major from the College of Saint Elizabeth are equipped with the skills to succeed in a range of environments (corporate, government, non-profit, business), and fields (financial, manufacturing, telecommunication, insurance, pharmaceutical, information technology.) They can choose concentrations that will prepare them for such areas as:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Corporate administration
  • Human resources
  • Information systems
  • Marketing
  • Operation and project management
  • Sales
  • Web design

Accounting Concentration

The Accounting Concentration, starting in the fall semester of 2015, is a 24 consecutive month program (including winter sessions and summer) with a pathway to CPA certification. The concentration is primarily designed for Associates Degree students. However, an "alternate path" is available to Women's College freshmen starting fall 2015, and non-Associate Degree Continuing Studies students who complete the prerequisites. Courses will be offered in hybrid, on-line and in-person formats.

Per state of New Jersey requirements, students in the Accounting Concentration who are seeking to become certified public accountants (CPAs) must complete 150 credit hours of education. Students should check certification requirements and plan accordingly. One option is for eligible students to join the Combined BS/MS Degree Program in Management.

Combined Degree Program: BA or BS / MS in Management

Our combined undergraduate/graduate business program allows a CSE undergraduate in any major to enter the MS in Management program in a seamless, streamlined approach. It is open to all CSE undergraduates who meet the academic criteria, and no GRE or GMAT exam is required. Undergraduate students may take up to three graduate courses which count as general electives, which may enable them (upon completion of their undergraduate degree) to complete their master's degree in less than 12-15 months. Taught from a leadership perspective, this experiential program prepares graduates to change or advance careers, compete in industry trends, and manage evolving organizational environments. Graduate students may choose from one of two specializations: Human Resources Management or Organizational Change Management.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Students who complete the program will:

  • Master the tools and content necessary to compete successfully in today's global environment.
  • Utilize emerging technology to facilitate individual and team decision-making.
  • Recognize the role of external and ethical factors in making good management decisions.
  • Achieve professional competence and leadership skills to guide organizational change.

Leadership Minor

A minor in Leadership will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Leadership qualities and how those qualities shape effective leaders
  • Leadership theories and practices
  • Leadership strategies and how those strategies impact group dynamics
  • Historical and modern-day leaders and how their influence affects local and global communities

Accounting Concentration

Students who complete the Accounting Concentration program will:

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge of accounting required to attain professional competence and certification.
  • Apply professional knowledge as well as college-level quantitative and research skills in solving challenging business problems.
  • Develop effective oral and written communication skills needed for successful professional presentations.
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills needed for professional success.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the moral and ethical demands confronting contemporary businesses.
  • Develop knowledge of the global forces that have an impact on contemporary business organizations.